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What To Expect In Your HerbBox:

HerbBox is a hand curated box of CBD Products that are meant to enrich your life. We source from only trusted CBD companies and use your feedback to help determine which products people love the most.

Nourish Your Skin

Nourish Your Skin

Achieve that zenful glow with CBD products that penetrate your skin at the cellular level and repair damage to keep you smooth and supple.

Topical CBD products target painful or irritated areas to improve your skin and relieve pain.

Clear Your Mind

CBD is an all natural way to improve your bodies regulation of chemicals that are tied to improving your mood and clearing your mind.

When taken daily, CBD can help manage stress and combat anxiety.

Clear Your Mind
Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight

CBD Oil promotes balance in your sleep cycles, leading to more consistent, reliable sleep. When infused with popular sleep aides such as melatonin, CBD becomes a powerful remedy to poor sleep.

Our Signature CBD LifeStyle Boxes:

The Acacia HerbBox

Fight Stress

The Acacia is a collection of mood enhancing CBD Oil products.

The Sage CBD BeautyBox

Stay Youthful

The Sage is a collection of CBD Oil beauty products for your skincare routine.

The Eucalyptus CBD ReliefBox

Find Relief

The Eucalyptus is a collection of pain relieving CBD Oil products to manage injuries.

The Chamomile CBD SleepBox

Catch Some Z's

The Chamomile is a collection of CBD Oil products designed to help your sleep.

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