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The Relaxing CBD Sleep Collection


Chamomile - CBD Oil Collection For Sleep

The Chamomile CBD SleepBox

Having trouble sleeping?  

68% of Americans struggle with poor sleep at least once a week. CBD Oil is used to balance and regulate your sleep cycles and may help to improve your quality of sleep.

The Chamomile HerbBox is a hand curated box of 3 CBD Oil products that are designed to help you achieve a good nights sleep, all sourced from reputable and trusted brands.

Relax Your Mind

An overactive mind caused by stress can be a large cause of insomnia. CBD Oil can combat stress and anxiety by regulating the chemicals in your brain such as serotonin and melatonin.

The Chamomile includes products that are meant to boost your minds ability to relax and lead to less nights awake in bed.

Fall Asleep Faster

A CBD Oil supplement may help to encourage regular and restful sleep, especially when taken in high doses. The Endocannabinoid System has been shown to synchronize your circadian rhythms, helping to regulate your sleep cycles and spend less time falling asleep.

Sleep Like A Baby

Sleep Like A Baby

As we sleep, our body goes through a sleep cycle. Many products of modern society, such as artificial light and caffeine, can impact our sleep cycles. 

CBD promotes balance in your sleep-wake cycles causing your body to go through a more restful sleep and helping you wake up feeling re-energized.

The Chamomile CBD SleepBox


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