HerbBox FAQ:

What Type Of Products Will I Receive In My HerbBox?

We source our CBD products from the best manufacturers in the business and include products such as tinctures, capsules, lotions, pain relieving products and edibles. After subscribing, fill out your MyHerbBox Profile to let our experts know the products you are most interested in.

How Will I Be Billed For My Subscription?

HerbBox uses PayPal to manage your subscriptions. You will be billed monthly on the date you join until you no longer wish to receive your subscription. Cancel at anytime (some promotions may require a minimum amount of orders for eligibility).

Are The CBD Products You Use Safe?

YES. We take extra pride in making sure to select and work with CBD companies that provide us Certificates Of Authenticity and are lab tested to be safe for consumption.

What Makes HerbBox Different?

HerbBox offers something that most all other CBD companies can not, a non-biased and crowd tested product. We use your valuable feedback as a subscriber to let the people decide which products work the best and drop the rest.