What Are the Top Benefits of CBD?

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The Many Benefits of CBD

Perhaps you know a friend or family member who is currently taking CBD, and you are curious to know how it can potentially improve your life. Research and studies on CBD are ever growing, and evidence shows that CBD is a major component to the medicinal benefits of Cannabis. Many strains of cannabis are developed with high CBD content, and there are many reasons CBD has become a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals for many people.

Although more research is being conducted regularly, it is currently accepted that CBD has many benefits the can impact people from all walks of life. CBD is still relatively new to the consciousness of science and more research is needed to see the full spectrum of benefits that CBD can provide.

HerbBox strives to make CBD simple and we have broken down the benefits of CBD into 5 categories.


Dealing with excessive stress is a common symptom of our modern society. Balancing work and life places extreme demands on our time and causes feelings of worry. As the scientific field has advanced, we understand more about how our brain reacts to stress and even how it can “manufacture” stress through poor habits. Cortisol, a chemical produced in the brain, is used to stimulate and throw your brain into beta waves, the mind state that we spend most of our thinking and waking hours in. Cortisol can be produced by triggers such as light and food. In a time where we have longer hours, manufactured light, and ready access to food at all hours, cortisol can wreak havoc and suppress its counter chemical, melatonin.

CBD can help balance the bodies regulation of these chemicals, and others. This can help our minds relax and be more reliable greatly reduction the stress associated with spending too long in beta waves etc.


CBD has been proven to react with a receptor in the brain known as CB1. CB1 is responsible for regulating the production of serotonin in our bodies. Low levels of serotonin may be a contributing factor to those who suffer from anxiety. The two most commonly prescribed medications to those who suffer from anxiety are, Prozac and Zoloft, also known as SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). Unfortunately these medications are partly responsible for many of the issues our society faces today. Don’t believe us? Look at the side effects here.

Many anecdotal and research studies have shown that CBD can be helpful for people who deal with anxiety. As CBD becomes progressively studied, and the knowledge of its evidential benefits becomes more popular among friends and family, we strongly believe CBD is becoming the supplement of choice to aid those with social anxiety issues.

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Pain Relief

One of the most common reasons people seek CBD is dealing with chronic pain issues. Whether you are suffering from injuries from an active lifestyle or dealing with symptoms of such issues as carpal tunnel or arthritis, CBD can help mitigate some of the pain caused by inflammation.

The added benefits of mood regulation can make CBD a viable alternative to other pain relievers such as NSAID’s (ibuprofen or advil) and topical solutions such as lidocaine or worse substances such as opiates. Studies dating back to the 1980’s have shown significant evidence that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Although many studies were conducted on animals, the results show a significant decrease in pain associated with arthritis.

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CBD may help deal with a lot of the problems that are the root of Chronic Insomnia. CBD promotes balance within your Endocannabinoid System, which in turn balances our your sleep cycles. The regulation of complex chemicals in your brain can cause a more restful and less anxious state that can make falling and staying asleep much easier. 

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A surprising benefit of CBD is its ability to improve one of the most vital systems in the human body, the skin. Many people suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema daily. These symptoms can be very irritating and time consuming to deal with. CBD replenishes your skin at the cellular level and can help your skin look firm, supple and smooth. CBD has been shown to be anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and also a powerful antioxidant.

CBD helps to combat oxidative stress, and inflammation can be a major factor in damaging and aging the skin. Hemp seed oil has long been used in skincare products because it is rich in fatty acids and can replenish the skin. CBD can take this a step further by bonding with the skin at a cellular level to stop damage to the DNA.

In Summary

Although CBD is currently being regarded as a miracle elixir and many may be skeptical about its use, there are several proven benefits that CBD has. Many of these benefits are interrelated, and although there are several products that specifically target each benefit, simply taking CBD as a part of your daily routine can have an impact on all of the above aspects of your life.

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