Where Do I Find CBD Oil?

Finding CBD Oil

Once you have decided that taking CBD is something that you want to try and you know what you would like to take it for, the next step is finding where to buy trusted CBD. This can be a challenge because the industry is still so new and many companies struggle to find banking options.

Typically, online and your local smoke shop are the best places to find CBD. The issue is knowing how to trust the product selection that you are being offered. When searching online, you can often compare the price per milligram to understand if you are getting a good value or not. With the doors opening up on the sale and manufacturing of CBD, many larger retailers will start carrying their own CBD products.

Until then, a service like HerbBox does the work for you. By finding and sourcing only trusted companies of CBD, it can make discovering the products you enjoy and purchasing them much easier.

The following contains some tips on where to look for CBD Oil and what to look for before purchasing.


Perhaps the easiest way to find CBD is to go online and do a simple google search. There are several companies making CBD Oils that range from your standard tincture to specialty products such as shampoos and face masks. Do to the popularity of e-commerce, many CBD companies only have an online store front. When finding companies online we suggest a few tips to ensure that you are getting a quality product:

1.) Consider what type of product you are interested in

Some people are searching for holistic brands that provide an all natural approach to crafting their CBD products. There are many CBD companies that are owned by small families and individuals that make their own CBD. Other companies operate on a much bigger scope, and their focus is on diversity of products and packaging rather than all natural ingredients. Also, if you are considering using CBD for your pet, many companies specialize in pet products only whereas some simply add in a pet branded version of their current recipes to accommodate the pet market.

If you are looking for hand crafted items, consider brands such as;

If you are looking for larger companies, consider brands such as:

If you are looking for CBD made specially for pets, try;

2.) Make sure the company lists their COA (Certificate of Analysis)

A reputable company should always provide a COA on their website. Although the FDA does not regulate CBD yet, many labs will test CBD for its authenticity and purity. Search the companies website for their COA. You don’t have to be an expert on reading it just yet, but simply having proof that the company has taken time to provide its COA can be a good sign for its authenticity.

3.) Do an overall assessment of the companies website

A well maintained website can make all the difference in the modern commerce world. Reputable companies should take the time and investment to make sure their website is aesthetically pleasing and that all the links work correctly. Many will also provide valuable information on CBD and their products.

A bad website can be a sure fire sign of subpar business practices and poor product quality. This is not always the case however, many CBD companies are hand crafted and due to the overwhelming complexity and costs of selling CBD, there are cases where it may just be too costly to maintain a perfect website.


If you prefer to purchase your goods in person, many of your local smoke shops will now carry some form of CBD. In many cases, this is a more than acceptable way to purchase your CBD. The problem is that you can not always be sure where the CBD is sourced from and if it is of good quality.

Some people may also feel uncomfortable walking into a smoke shop. Fortunately the laws and regulations around CBD are becoming more lenient as it continues to become a hot commodity and as research comes out proving its efficacy.


The future of CBD looks overwhelmingly positive and recently the big pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens have announced their intent to start selling CBD products despite the FDA not recognizing it. Whether or not this will impact the quality of CBD is yet to be seen. Grocery store chains are sure to follow suit and expect CBD to become more readily available in stores where you currently purchase vitamins and supplements.

In Summary

In summary, there are a few options when finding CBD oil with several more on the way. Consider the above tips when searching for a CBD product that you love. HerbBox offers and extensive CBD shop using only the best manufacturers that we can find. In addition to the full CBD shop, a subscription to HerbBox can also help you discover CBD products that you might not otherwise find by sending you a monthly box of CBD products.

Good luck on your path to healing!

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